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Reduce lost revenue with a streamlined valuation process that allows your customer to submit a clear, extensive report of their vehicle.

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A customer viewing a CitNOW Video presentation page with the Tootle integration


Integrated with CitNOW Sales, allowing customers to take the next step directly from their video presentation page at the click of a button.


Receive images and video securely from your customers, as well as make and manage offers, directly via your Tootle dashboard.

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Uses cap hpi data to provide independent vehicle valuations, helping you manage risk and alerting the customer if they are over-valuing their vehicle.


GDPR-compliant reporting dashboard to access all valuation requests, their status, and purchase history for accounting and auditing purposes.

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How it works

An icon showing a link being messaged to a customer

Step 1

The retailer provides the customer with their Tootle valuation link by email, SMS, WhatsApp or via a link on their website.

An end user submitting a form on a mobile device

Step 2

The customer enters their vehicle details, desired asking price, and creates a Tootle account.

An email notification

Step 3

The retailer immediately receives an email notification that a vehicle has been submitted by the customer.

A laptop showing vehicle information and value

Step 4

Once logged in, the retailer can view the vehicle details, cap hpi valuation and customer valuation.

A car icon with marks indicating areas of damage

Step 5

The customer can add more details, including images, video and location of any damage that may affect the valuation.

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Step 6

The retailer can view all customer-submitted listings, view purchase history and make an offer through their dealer dashboard.

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If you have a question on part exchanging your vehicle please contact the dealership directly.

If you have a question for Tootle please contact or fill in the contact form below. Please note that our team operate between 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday.

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About us

Tootle creates a seamless valuation process that retailers can manage through a single online tool. Easy to integrate into your everyday processes, it provides you and your customers with a fully branded, easy to use platform for part exchanges and used car stock transactions.

Tootle became part of the CitNOW Group in 2019. After extensive product development, the solution has been launched to answer a real retailer challenge and help you take back control of the part exchange process. Part exchanges are made easy with Tootle.

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