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Why buy with tootle

Source stock from the public

Save on auction fees. Hundreds of new cars every month.

Detailed info on each car

Photos, damage reports, MOT & service history details and a background check report.

Easy online management

Browse listings, make offers or set alerts for cars you want to buy.

No subscription fee

No monthly cost. A simple one-off fee on each car purchased.

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How it works

tootle makes it easy to buy the cars you want directly from private sellers

Get alerts

Let us know your stock preferences (make, model, age, price, mileage, distance from you) and we'll alert you by email when a car that matches your requirements is available to buy.

View car profile

View photos of the car, details on any damage, its service and MOT history, a background check report and where the car is located. Each car profile is live for 5 days.

Make an offer

Make an offer to buy the car and we'll relay the amount, handover option (collection or drop-off) and your details to the seller by email and text message. The seller can either call you to discuss the offer or accept it online.

Close deal

If the seller accepts your offer, then simply contact them to arrange completion of the transaction. We recommend that you verify the condition of the car with the seller on the phone.

Dealer FAQs

How do I buy a car?

If you see a car you would like to buy, simply make an offer to buy it through the tootle site. The offer amount is relayed to the seller together with your contact details. The seller can then either accept your offer or call you to discuss it.

Each car profile lasts 5 days. A seller can accept an offer at any point while their profile is live. When the profile expires the seller is asked to either accept an offer or reject all offers.

If a seller accepts your offer to purchase their car then we will email you their contact details so that you can call them to complete the sale.

How are the cars priced?

We encourage you to simply make an offer at the amount you would be happy to purchase the car for. We do show you the CAP Clean price and what the seller is 'looking for' - but only as reference points. Please don't be put off from making an offer for a car if the 'looking for' price is much higher than your offer amount - sometimes sellers are simply over optimistic about what they might get!

If a seller accepts my offer, is it binding that I purchase the car for the offer amount?

It is not binding that you purchase the car from the seller. It is also not binding that you pay the offer amount. However, if the car is as described, we ask you to honour the offer amount. Clearly if there is undisclosed damage or other unexpected issues then we would expect you to either not complete the sale or lower your price accordingly. We are clear with sellers that any undisclosed damage will result in a lower transaction price. We recommend that you call the seller and talk through the condition of the car and its service history to reduce the chance of any surprises when you view the car.

Does tootle charge any fees?

Yes. We charge a sourcing fee for each successful purchase you make from a seller that has come through tootle's platform. The fee for each car is clearly displayed when you make an offer for it.

Why should I source cars through tootle?

Our aim at tootle is to make it really easy for you to buy the cars you specialise in retailing, direct from the public - saving you money and time versus using car auctions.

Do I need to collect the car?

When you make an offer on a car you can either stipulate that you will collect it from the seller's address or ask that the seller drops the car off with you.

Has tootle seen the car?

No, tootle has not seen the car. We simply help connect you to a seller who has advertised their car through our site. We are not a part of the actual transaction and we cannot vouch for the accuracy of any information relating to the vehicle. Before purchasing a car please talk to the seller to make yourself comfortable about its condition.